Digital marketing specialist : Marketing Services

Digital Marketing Specialist:

I will help you develop your digital Marketing Strategy”

. Get your marketing plan
. Hire me as your long term Marketing Manger

- Exclusive for new Businesses, start-up, entrepreneurs, freelancers, Small business owners, Consultants and Trainers

Digital Marketing Specialist:

What Marketing Plan include?

·         Real-Time Market Research (Know Market Demand, What they look for?  Who are they? Audience, Behavior, Competitors)

·         Action Plan for Marketing
·         Organic traffic Strategy
·         Paid Growth Strategy (i.e: Google Adwords, Facebook ads)
·         Engagement strategy (i.e: email marketing)
·         Budget & ROI
·         Keyword analysis (Targeted keywords and Competitor's keywords)
·         Online Business Directories
·         Social media - Facebook, Instagram..etc
·         Content Marketing Strategy  (i.e: Blog, Youtube)

Marketing Activities - We work with you 
·         Social Media Marketing
·         Google Adwords Campaign
·         Facebook Ads
·         SEO Consultation

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